Let Us Help You Get Your DQ Files in Compliance

Running a successful trucking business isn't just about finding the right people to drive your trucks. You also have to document these drivers' qualifications & be able to present these required documents at any time in order to be in compliance with FMSCA regulations. The Department of Transportation has stringent guidelines in place to ensure truck drivers are safe and qualified to operate their motor carriers.  That means filling out forms and paperwork showing that your drivers have filed the proper applications, received the right medical examinations, passed their road test, physicals, drug and alcohol tests and more.

FMCSA part 391 requires detailed records of your driver. Don't let your driver qualifications slip under the rug- it can shut you down. At Federal Compliance Registration Services, we understand this paperwork can be a lot for a someone trying to manage an entire fleet. Let us take care of your driver's compliance papers. Our DQ File management service ensure you have all the proper documents filled out, updated and on-hand so that you can avoid costly lawsuits. At the end of the day, we're here to help you ensure your drivers are set to get on the road and start driving.


What is a Driver Qualification File?

A Driver Qualification File is essentially a collection of documents that shows the employee is "qualified" to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

Driver Qualification Files include documents such as:


    • Driver Application for Employment


    • Inquiry to Previous Employers (3 years)


    • Inquiry to State Agencies


    • Copy of Medical Examiner's Certificate *Driver must have this in their possession while driving


    • Driver's Road Test


    • Copy of Certification of Road Test


    • Annual Driver's Certificate of Violations


    • Annual Review of Driving Record


    • Checklist for Multiple Employer



Who Needs a Driver Qualification File?

Complete Driver Qualification File Records are required for any driver who operates a commercial motor vehicle. CMV can apply to vehicles over 10,000lbs, AND/OR transports at least 8 passengers (including the driver), AND/OR transports hazardous materials.

Why You Need to Keep Your DOT Driver Files Updated

Failure to comply with DOT standards and FMCSA part 391 can lead to problems for your company. You could see drivers disqualified, your business audited or even face company-wide penalties. This can lead to wasted time and money for your company.

Avoid falling into that trap by tracking your drivers' qualifications closely through assistance services.

How We Can Help With Your DOT Driver Qualifications Files

We want to make your job easier. We have the experience in filing the right DOT and FMCSA paperwork. We can recognize when something is missing. You have a lot of details to worry about on the job and something small may slip through the cracks and cost your company thousands.


Why Use Federal Compliance Registration Services?

We provide great transparency in the services we offer and the services you need to be in compliance with the DOT driver qualification compliance regulations. We keep you and your drivers updated on what you have and what you need. We tackle things proactively instead of waiting to address them once a problem arises. You can feel confident that your drivers have been properly qualified before even stepping into the truck.

We can also:

    • Support you with DOT safety audits.


    • Perform drug and alcohol testing services as needed.


    • Assist with DOT and FMCSA Application and Management.


    • File forms such as UCR, DOT Registration and biennial updating.



Contact Us Today to Learn More about our Management Services for Your Driver Qualification Files

Contact us today to ensure your drivers are qualified in accordance with all of the Department of Transportation's regulations. We can make sure the drivers representing you on the road have all the paperwork filed properly and that their certifications have been checked thoroughly. You can also order online for quick, reliable help with your driver qualification files.